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KeyAnimationRp-Da Character Listing </u>


Yukito Kunisaki
Misuzu Kamio
Kano Kirishima
Minagi Tohno
Haruko Kamio
Hijiri Kirishima
Kanna Kannabi no Mikoto


Tomoya Okazaki
Nagisa Furukawa
Kyou Fujibayashi
Kotomi Ichinose
Tomoyo Sakagami
Fuko Ibuki
Yukine Miyazawa
Ryou Fujibayashi
Misae Sagara
Kouko Ibuki
Youhei Sunohara
Mei Sunohara
Akio Furukawa
Sanae Furukawa
Toshio Koumura
Yusuke Yoshino
Kappei Hiiragi
Naoyuki Okazaki
Shino Okazaki
Ushio Okazaki
Girl from the Illusionary World
Garbage Doll
Rie Nishina

Male student in Tomoyo's path
Takafumi Sakagami
Gentleman in Kotomi's path
Atsuko Okazaki
Kazuto Miyazawa
Katsuki Shima

Planetarian: Chiisana Hoshi no Yume

The junker
Yumemi Hoshino
Planetarium director
Elder junker

Little Busters

Riki Naoe
Rin Natsume
Kyousuke Natsume
Masato Inohara
Kengo Miyazawa
Komari Kamikita
Haruka Saigusa
Kudryavka Noumi
Yuiko Kurugaya
Mio Nishizono
Kanata Futaki
Sasami Sasasegawa
Saya Tokido
Miyuki Koshiki
Kojirō Kamikita


Yuichi Aizawa
Ayu Tsukimiya :icontsukimiya-ayu:
Nayuki Minase
Makoto Sawatari
Shiori Misaka
Mai Kawasumi
Akiko Minase
Sayuri Kurata
Kaori Misaka
Mishio Amano
Jun Kitagawa

Angel Beats! </u>

:bulletblue: HEADQUARTERS :bulletblue:
Welcome to the Key Animation role-play group! Make yourself comfortable!

:bulletblue: DISCLAIMER :bulletblue:
All characters, places, names, and related materials are copyright to Key Animation. None of these are owned by anyone in the role-play, except for the fanmade characters, which are copyrighted to their creators. All portrayals are simply for fun and are not being used for any sort of monetary gain.

:bulletblue: STAFF :bulletblue:
Current Administor: Yasachii (( Hey guys! <3 ))

:bulletblue: DETAILS :bulletblue:

:bulletblue: The role-play chat.…
    :bulletblue: The out-of-character chat.…
     Last updated 11-16-11
    Yasachii's news.
    :new: :pointr: Hello and welcome to the Key Animation Role-play group. I decided that I want to start over with this group, y'know, since it completely died for a while. I intend to try and bring it back to life and hopefully attain new member. Those who were members previously but had no activity were removed from the database but do have the ability to re-apply if they so wish. If there are any questions, please let me know.

:bulletblue: RULES :bulletblue:

:bulletblue:Registration Process

    1. Choose a character from the list (check this account's ID), find one from the wiki, or create your own.
    2. Note this account with a fully completed copy of the application found below, with a title that declares it an application (such as "Application: Misuzu Kamio" or "Application for Jun Kitagawa") to help us order the notes.

        a) Who do you want to role-play as?
        b) Is there a reason for choosing this character? Why?
        c) Describe to me their personality. If you copy this from a site or otherwise, we will find out, and you will be rejected.
        d) Show us a sample of how you would role-play this character. Show dialogue as well as written description. If you script role-play or write in some other method, showcase a bit of that, too.
        e) How many times a week do you think you can check your comments? Be honest.
        f) Do you agree with our rules?
        g) If you have any ideas for how you want to play this character, write them here.

    3. Wait for a response from us. If you create an account before submission or before we accept your application, you will be rejected straight-out, regardless of your prowess.
    4. Once you have been accepted, create your account, take care of whatever business you may have to do, and alert us either by note or commenting on the main page that you're set up.
    5. Create an introductory journal. Anonymity is your choice entirely; you can choose to state your main account or leave it for us to wonder about.
    6. After all is said and done, you'll then be added to the Members List. Make sure you add all your other role-players, so we can keep track of what's going on with everyone!


:bulletblue: General Rules :bulletblue:

Break any of these, and you will be removed from the role-play. Period. </b>

    1. Respect everyone. We're all here for the same reasons and we will all be treated equally, regardless of capabilities, talents, or otherwise. If you refuse to acknowledge this, you be forced from the role-play.
    2. Romance is acceptable to a degree. The characters are, primarily, teenagers. As such, marriage, children, and anything of the sort is absolutely forbidden. If you really must write out something mature for who-knows-what-reason, take it to a messenger or notes, no questions asked.
    3. No harrassment will be allowed, period. The staff requests that everyone work to prevent this and help remove those who do not seem to grasp this via screenshot or some other proof sent to the staff.
    4. Do your best! We're not asking you to be perfect; we want everyone to have fun. We're all going to help each other improve, whether you realize it or not, so make the best of it!
    5. Be active. If you don't log into your account for over a week, you will be put on watch. After two weeks, your account will be terminated from this role-play and your spot will be available for another to take. If you can prove your activity otherwise, save a sample and show us.
    6. If you need to leave for a period of time (vacation, grounding, moving, etc.) make a journal alerting us what's going on and how long it may last. If you're not sure, simply say so and we'll look forward to your return.

:bulletblue: Canon Characters :bulletblue:

    1. Stay in character to the best of your abilities. This makes it easier for people to interact with you, and it also adds layers, life, and emphasis to your character.
    2.As said above, romance is allowed to an extent. Marriage and children are outright banned from the role-play. Sex will not be tolerated on the chats. Take it to a messenger or notes. Those who break this rule will be removed from the role-play, no questions asked.
    3. Feel free to cross series! Misuzu Kamio isn't just restricted to talking to the people she knows from "Air". See how she'd react with Ayu Tsukimiya, or even Nagisa Furukawa. It's a fun challenge I'd like to see everyone undertake. That way, no one ever has to be limited with what they can do with others.
    4. Be creative. Just because your character has a personality doesn't mean there aren't other sides to is.
    5. For canons, I will only allow three characters at a time for now. I really don't think we'll get that many people just yet. Later, when more members become available, I'll limit the amount for new members.
    6. Keep your activity visible so we know you're actually alive.

:bulletblue: Original Characters :bulletblue:

    1. Immediate relationships are not allowed. Just like in real life, you cannot just immediately assume your character knows someone. Work on it and get to know people! Translated, this means that you can not apply for a character saying that they know a canon character, are in a relationship with a canon character, or are related to a canon character. Other original characters that do not belong to you need to have all this confirmed by their role-player.
    2. Give your characters flaws. I don't know what sort of world you were raised in, but where we come from, no one is perfect. For the love of this role-play, give them flaws or you will be terminated from this group.
    3. Obsessive worship is unhealthy. Show that you think with your brain and you won't be sprayed with something nasty, since I refuse to deal with loud fangirling/fanboying.
    4. As we know nothing about original characters, you'll have to work twice as hard to show us how your character acts. Make sure you submit an introductory journal, interact with as many people as possible, etc. We all know Ayu Tsukimiya, but no one but you knows your "Mary Jane."
    5. If your application is declined, do not bother the staff about it. You can improve and send your application a total of two times (meaning three total submissions) before you will be told to move on.
    6. As opposed to a limit on canon characters, there isn't a limit as to how many original characters you can have. So long as you can handle them all and fill all these rules above, you're welcome to as many as you want.





Please, if you are applying for these characters, check with us first to see if we have the password for the account. If we do not, then you will be allowed and directed to make a new account for it. We want to keep the clutter minimized, so we will be asking for every given-up account to put a temporary password to it so as to accomplish this. </b>

:iconmakoto-sawatari: :iconmai-kawasumi: :icontenshi-tachibana: :iconhachinamikaze:



:iconrp-da: :iconairgearrp-da: :iconfireemblemrp-da: :iconshugochara-rp: :iconchibivampirerp-da: :iconkonrp-da: :iconhhcrp-da: :icontmmrp-da: :iconoskrp-da:

Credit for how this journal was created goes to Korogaiku . Thank you for being so awesome at writing information. Go to PersonaRP-DA to see her journal. </i>
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